Hygienic & Sterile Coatings

In order to provide interior surfaces with effective protection against the growth of mould, bacteria and other micro-organisms, a hygiene control system must provide a surface that is easy to clean, hard wearing and free from joints, seams and other features which might harbour dirt and bacteria. 

Hygienic coatings or sterile coatings represent one of the simplest and most effective means of achieving such a surface... because, they are quick and easy to apply, require no fixings and unlike sheets, boards, ceramic tiles and similar systems provide a truly seamless finish regardless of the shape or complexity of the substrate. As a result, they deny micro-organisms any hiding place and help building owners to comply with the most stringent international hygiene legislation. 

Ongoing research into the emergence of "super bugs" such as MRSA is permanently evolving the technology of hygiene coatings, incorporating the likes of ionic silver with its broad-spectrum antimicrobial qualities, lack of toxicity to humans and the fact that it is not prone to causing resistant strains. 

We specialise in the installation of specialist hygiene high performance wall and ceiling coat systems, suitable for application in operating theatres, hospital clean rooms and clean production areas (eg the medical, food, pharmaceutical, electronic and chemical industries). We operate throughout the UK and have a long term, proven track record in the specialist field of high performance sterile coats. 

We are 'preferred' applicators for most of the key proprietary manufacturers operating within the United Kingdom; Tremco Europe, C/S Wallglaze, Sika (formerly Liquid Plastics Ltd), Altro, APML etc. 

The Hygienic and Sterile coatings installed by our company offer an effective, preventative, protective, durable and cleanable, anti-bacterial (anti-MRSA) treatment for walls, ceilings and floors and are widely used in operating theatres, laboratories, prisons, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food and leisure industries and other facilities.