Retail Imaging

The decorative image a store projects is vital to its success in this highly competitive environment, retailers understand the importance of providing a fresh and seamless appearance throughout their store portfolios.

The association we enjoy with our retail clients has for many years formed a cornerstone of our business. The creation of a strong brand portrayal is crucial for retailers looking to gain a competitive advantage. Whilst a corporate name and logo are the essential ingredients of any corporate identity, a clear visual message is critical to a company's success. Market leading retailers who choose to upgrade the look and feel of their stores have often turned to Johns Of Nottingham to complete their decorative rebranding projects throughout the UK. Today’s cutting edge designer specifications using modern and innovative coatings lead to spectacular results.

We can trace our history back within the sector to the early 70’s and our association with electrical retailer, Curry’s Ltd. Although the principals of rebranding are timeless the look and feel of today’s contemporary retail stores make for an entirely new and engaging shopping experience.

Most recently we count our reimaging and redecoration projects at over 800 individual stores. Our clients within this sector are varied and consist of predominately retailers, shopfitters designers and modular construction companies. Typical scopes can be either external, where the shopfront and signage will be decoratively changed, or internal due to rebranding exercises, or to simply give the store a fresher feel.

Often we are asked to source suitable products to achieve our clients aims given the mix of substrates across a multitude of their stores. Following a recent nationwide phased external redecoration, our specification of the Dacrylate 47-line performed superbly across the portfolio and the finished look had the corporate effect our client intended. Regardless of geographical location, the corporate visual identity of the stores are identical.

  • Budges Logo
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