Facilities Management

In simple terms, Facilities Management is fundamentally about looking after your resources, buildings and people. There are numerous services that fall under the banner of FM, but they all share a common denominator in that, though they are not a core business function, they are however, essential to ensure the smooth and efficient running of any organisation.

Efficient facilities management is regularly contracted to an external source. Clients benefit from supplier expertise, bulk savings and reduced administration processes. These benefits decrease when there are multiple suppliers involved, so many companies choose a bundled solution.

FM is often outsourced with the following goals in mind;

• Benefiting from ‘One Stop Shop’ services

• Focus on the core operations by all internal resources

• Cost benefits derived from engaging with specialists

• An improving level of service 

• Improved efficiencies over time

Since 2011 we have been providing capital cost hard Lifecycle and Reactive services for various clients to numerous sites. FM services now account for a substantial percentage of our turnover and have undoubtedly diversified our service provision and client base. 

The FM service we currently provide has evolved over time and resulted in us undertaking Condition Surveys and providing Condition Reports, Condition Mark-up Drawings and Capital Cost Advice. 

The scope of the Hard FM we undertake is mainly, but not limited to:

Internal Painting, External Render, Vinyl and Carpet Flooring Replacement, Plant Room Tanking, Protective and Hygienic Wall Panels, Protective Rail Installation, Corner Protection, Boxing Replacement, IPS Replacement, Worktop Cupboards and Full Kitchen Replacement, Installing Stainless Steel Handrails, External Bin Installation, Car Park Markings Alterations and Reinstatement, Installation and Repair of Bollards, Guttering Cleaning Replacement and Alterations, Installation of Fencing and Gates.

Our aim is to continue to provide an outstanding service to our clients and to all the stakeholders involved. We continue to review and evolve the service we provide whilst maintaining high standards.

Over the years we have become very adept at bringing the building fabric finishes back to As-Built standards, while also minimising disruption to the working environment to the benefit of all stakeholders. We can add value to your facilities management, please feel free to get in touch to find out more.