Bonsers Restoration - Nottingham Embankment

Project Details

Working closely with Bonsers Restoration the Municipal War Memorial Gates & Railings were restored to their former glory. The structure provides an entrance to the Memorial Gardens and newly installed Memorial Stone. Care and attention had to be taken due to the Grade 2 listing in place.

Before any work could commence, an in-depth historic survey was carried out to establish the original colours and finishes along with listing any damaged or missing details. The colours were then transferred to a sample board for approval by the Main Contractor & Architect.

Once the colours were agreed, the damaged and failed coatings were removed and the substrate prepared solely by hand to ensure the original details were not damaged. Areas that required priming were done so using a high build Zinc Phosphate Primer. The metalwork was finished with two coats of Johnstones Steel & Cladding Semi-Gloss Topcoat paint. Research was carried out prior to reinstating the variety of colours to the Coat of Arms and various details. These items were then removed from site and decorated at our head office. The detailed finish is exceptional with almost 3D artist quality finish. All detailed works being lacquered to protect and offer longevity.

Being involved in such an Important, Sensitive & Meaningful project in our hometown means a lot to us at Johns of Nottingham, in addition to this the project has been visited by the Painting & Decorating Association and subsequently nominated for a prestigious award.