Nottingham City Council - The Royal Centre

Project Details

For many years we have enjoyed a successful working relationship with the Royal Centre in Nottingham. Whilst we have undertaken many routine maintenance tasks, Johns of Nottingham have also been entrusted to carry out specialist decorating projects. One notable occasion related to the front facade refurbishment, this complex project commenced with low level shot blasting and specialist renovation works to the concrete pillars and mouldings. Dacrylate were contacted to specify and provide a specialist coating to suit the substrate. As you can see from the associated image, this iconic Nottingham building was given the facelift it deserved.

Managing two busy venues with one a listed building. I have personally found John’s of Nottingham to be a vital asset in maintaining and upgrading the site. I’ve never had doubt that they will deliver excellent workmanship and a professional attitude, be it a simple painting job, concrete flooring repair or a remodel and repair to detailed Victorian plasterwork. I have no reservations in recommending them as they have always delivered.
Dave Guy