Smithers Purslow - Landscaping Works

Project Details

Johns of Nottingham were delighted to be awarded this complex yet rewarding residential contract via Chartered Engineers & Building Surveyors, Smithers Purslow. The brief was to redesign the communal and access areas for residents on behalf of a local charity.

Our site team began by removing all existing weathered tarmac from around the green, necessary enabling works followed to the required areas. Once complete and the footings installed, construction of the new low retaining walls commenced at each property facilitating installation of the access ramps.

As you can see from the associated image, the tarmac was laid to a high standard around the green and up the ramps complementing the overall area. Powder coated aluminium safety handrails were installed to each low retaining wall to help ensure ease of access for the residents.

Disruption was kept to an absolute minimum throughout the project and we ensured that access to each home was not compromised at any point. 

The project was finished on budget and on time to all parties satisfaction.